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I write this post while sitting in a train headed to Washington DC. To me there’s no better place to retrospect, think, create and write than sitting in a train. I have always had this thing for trains, be it the crowded local trains in Mumbai or the very peaceful Amtrak here in the States.

Local trains in Mumbai were an imperative part of my daily commute to college and back. They were crowded, noisy, hot and not necessarily clean. Nevertheless I enjoyed the experience, observing people of different age groups, eavesdropping and listening to their conversations. Couple of hours everyday in the train helped in understanding behavioral patterns of people, issues they faced, how they made ends meet and taught me so much about life in general. I believe it played a major role in making me a grounded person.

On the other hand the train rides here help me catch up with ‘me’. It’s not so much about people around but more about introspection, self-awareness and expressing gratitude (strange but true in my case). It’s a pause to the daily rigmarole of life and I like it. In most cases people maintain silence and mind their business (except for the late night drunk train from NYC to suburbia!).

I always tend to get hungry in the train, maybe its all the idle time. Snack bars are a staple in my bag at anytime especially while traveling. To me, snacking wisely is as important as eating a meal for the following reasons:

  • Increases metabolism 
  • Helps in portion control when it comes to the main meals 
  • Adds that variety to the sometimes mundane meals, also a good way to get more nutrient rich foods in the diet
  • Helps maintain consistent energy levels 
  • Helps gain muscle mass if you workout


My healthy snack list so far consists of:

  • Home made trail mix
  • Papaya with fresh lemon juice dressing
  • Apple slices with almond butter
  • Snack Bars  – Larabar (cashew cookie being my favorite), Kind Bar


  • Roasted Fox Nuts


  • Terra Vegetable Chips
  • Terra Taro Chip
  • Roasted Plantain Chips

plantain chips

  • Tomato Puri (Paleo version of Indian Sev Puri)
  • Paleo Mug Cake (yes I eat this as a snack sometimes)
  • Home made dried fruit and nut squares


  • Home made savory paleo crackers
  • Paleo chocolate chip cookies
  • Paleo banana bread

Snacking is just as important as breakfast, lunch or dinner and I continue to explore healthy options.


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