Kale & Watermelon Salad

Even though Kale is one of the most trendiest leafy greens out there, I didn’t like the way it tasted until I stumbled upon Fed & Fit’s Lemony Kale recipe which was a complete game changer! I’m now a believer that fat and acid combined can make Kale taste so so good. Post this revelation I tried massaged kale which of course opened new doors and massaged kale salads are my latest obsession.


MELT #2 The 3-C Spice Blend (Chipotle, Coriander and Cumin)

I absolutely love the smoky flavor of chipotle chile’s! Did you know chipotle chili is a large jalapeño chile that is dried and then smoked. The name is derived from the Nahuatl (group of peoples native to southern Mexico and Central America, including the Aztecs.) word chilpoctli, which means smoked chili pepper.

Chipotle’s are primarily cultivated in Oaxaca, Chihuahua, Southern New Mexico and Southern Texas. Farmers pick green jalapeños for markets and leave some chile’s to naturally ripen while still on the wine, they are harvested once they attain a deep red color and have lost most of its moisture. The red-dry jalapeños are then moved to a sealed smoking chamber, spread out on metal grills and allowed to dry with very low heat and wood smoke. This process takes several days until all the moisture is removed.


Coriandrum-Pepper Spiced Chicken

After making my first legit Melt spice blend – Coriandrum Pepper, it was time to dive into actually using it in recipes. This is where the fun begins and the options are limitless. The blend works wonderfully as a spice rub for different kinds of meats and has tones of citrus along with a tingling-spicy-peppery after taste. 


Chicken – Sweet Potato Stew (Instant Pot Recipe)

I’m always on the look out for healthy food that can also satisfy the taste buds. There are days when I want to break the monotony of eating the same thing for lunch over and over again, so on one such day I pinged my friend Shweta of The Weekend List. She of course obliged with this wonderful chicken-sweet potato stew recipe, I’m loving this and plan to make it a lot more in the upcoming winter months.


Cassava Flour Flat Breads (Two Different Ones)

What I really enjoy about eating fewer grains is exploring new options. Its been so fun experimenting with different flours: almond, tapioca, coconut, plantain, arrowroot, flax seed meal and how these can be substituted in recipes. I typically get bored with eating the same thing repeatedly and need to break the monotony to make food more interesting.

Cassava (Yucca)
Cassava is a starchy tuberous vegetable grown typically in tropical  and sub-tropical regions, its denser in calories as compared to potatoes and extremely rich in carbohydrates. Its a primary staple food in most South American and African countries and is cooked differently in every region:


Guest Post – How to turn your kitchen into an Organic Spa!

Shweta and I went to high school together and reconnected again after almost 15 years! It almost felt like nothing ever changed. She’s the blogger behind The Weekend List, and we also discuss fashion and beauty ideas on a regular basis. We often talk about how natural products we have been using in India for ages is the latest fad in the West. This is a great post with lovely ideas to pamper yourself and create a spa like experience at home – 


Caught in a Pickle!

I finally got back to CrossFit after being sick for almost over a week! It felt great to be back and I can’t wait to get back on track with my workout routine. On the food front I’ve been trying to avoid sugar (except in the form of fruit) and plan to keep it that way for as long as possible. I haven’t been baking a whole lot, even though I like to bake, it can wait for a few weeks…maybe. I figured that small amounts of agave in coffee eventually adds up and black coffee happens to be my new thing, more about this in a separate coffee post.

Although this winter has been moderate overall, we got a crazy storm with almost 30 inches of snow and another brutally cold weekend. Winter to me is all about feeling cozy, eating heart warming and occasionally spicy food, and some pickle to go with piping hot Indian food.