Preserved Lemons

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This recipe is a keeper – it belongs to my maternal grandmother who was one of the best cooks I’ve ever known, she made this for me every summer and it was part of the loot I would bring back home (we lived in different cities). This is not a recipe that will be ready in a few hours or a day, it takes several days but is so worth the wait. 


Mango Coconut Butter

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I didn’t fancy coconut anything growing up with an exception to coconut water (must have in Bombay, especially by the beach…oh not to forget scraping fresh coconut cream after drinking the water ). This perception changed when I first tasted coconut butter, its very smooth with a hint of sweetness, I like to spread it on toast or even over sweet potatoes. So yummy!


Caught in a Pickle!

I finally got back to CrossFit after being sick for almost over a week! It felt great to be back and I can’t wait to get back on track with my workout routine. On the food front I’ve been trying to avoid sugar (except in the form of fruit) and plan to keep it that way for as long as possible. I haven’t been baking a whole lot, even though I like to bake, it can wait for a few weeks…maybe. I figured that small amounts of agave in coffee eventually adds up and black coffee happens to be my new thing, more about this in a separate coffee post.

Although this winter has been moderate overall, we got a crazy storm with almost 30 inches of snow and another brutally cold weekend. Winter to me is all about feeling cozy, eating heart warming and occasionally spicy food, and some pickle to go with piping hot Indian food.


Sweet and Sour Dip (Chutney)

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This sweet and sour tamarind dip is often combined with the Spicy Cilantro Dip in Indian street food.
I usually have jars of this and the cilantro dip in the refrigerator at all times. Its got a great tangy flavor that goes well with salads as well. 


Spicy Cilantro Dip (Chutney)

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Green Chutney sandwiches were a staple snack while growing up in India. Chutney sandwiches to India are what PBJ sandwiches are to America. Almost every street in Bombay had a vendor selling these super amazing veggie stuffed chutney sandwiches. I could eat this for breakfast-lunch-dinner…may I add everyday!